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Welcome to where all the creative magic happens, my office! This is a space where I work on my blog, freelance business, have meetings, and occasionally where I sit to watch my favorite morning show- The Morning Toast! Today I’m going to share with you all my favorite pieces + some tips on how to work from home and be productive!

When I was looking for a new place to live, having a space for an office was an absolute must! I knew I wanted to have a 2-bedroom space with one bedroom being dedicated to an office/walk-in closet. Luckily, when I found my condo I got the best of both worlds- my living space was big enough that the back end of the area I could turn into an office and my spare bedroom dedicated to just my closet. That blog will be coming soon 😉

One of the best things about my office is how I have it set up. I am a huge TV watcher or love to at least have the TV on at a low volume while I work. So with my desk being in the back and TV being elevated above my fireplace, I can work and have it on in front of me so I can look up occasionally and see it playing. Anytime Mama C comes to visit, she lives in my office because she loves the set up as much as I do!

If you haven’t noticed from my home series yet, I invest a lot in my furniture. I have been this way since college. I spend a lot of time at home and after a long day, I want to come back to somewhere I feel comfortable. While a lot of people spend money on clothes, travel, makeup, I love spending money on home decor. I will save and save in order to purchase a piece of furniture I’ve had my eye on, as y’all have seen on my Instagram stories, if I find a piece of furniture I love, I will do whatever it takes to get that sucker back into my condo. Ex. my console table in my living room.

*You can read all about that story in my living room blog here!

The first piece was my desk. I knew when I was on the hunt for one, I wanted a gold desk. Well of course because I have boujee AF taste, everything was $800+. I finally stumbled upon one of the most beautiful pieces of “art” I’d ever seen, the Safavieh “Otto Ginkgo Leaf Antique Gold Leaf” Desk. What a name, I know!

The desk retailed for around $600, but I found it on several sights for $300-$400, but that was still a tad more than what I wanted to pay. Randomly one day I googled it and found it on a site called Decor Market for $230 + free shipping! I screamed so loud and ordered it immediately! On top of that, it arrived within 3 days, maybe less, and was the easiest setup possible!

On my desk I have a lot of little things that keep me motivated such as current fashion magazines, motivational books (I absolutely love “You Are a Badass”), and usually there are fresh flowers on the corner of my desk!

Shop my desk here:

Along with my desk is my desk chair. For months I had my bedroom chair as a filler until I found something I really loved. Luckily, and God bless her, Mama C was at Home Goods one day and found this stunning pink velvet chair on sale for under $100! I love the minor stripe detail on the back of the chair and how the pink perfectly matches the colors in the artwork hanging behind!

Shop similar chairs here:

Shop some of my desk trinkets, similar throws & rug here:

Speaking of artwork, shoutout to Mama C again for finding this STUNNING gold foil butterfly canvas artwork that hangs behind my desk. Butterflies are all around my condo (I have a table in my living room and the top is all butterflies) and this piece brings just enough color into the room! I couldn’t find anything similar to this piece to link for y’all, but always check your local Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls for unique pieces like this!

The last part of my office, a space I keep very close to my heart, is my trinket shelf. With 4 shelves full of memories, I keep this in a space where I can look at it often if I ever need a kick of motivation or want to remember something happy!

I have everything from special PR packages I’ve received, photos, letters, gifts, my first cameras, and my crystals! And yes, I even have the Kim K selfie book on my shelf! It was a gift and I display it proudly because it’s hilarious!

Now let’s talk about working productively from home! As someone who works on her blog and freelance from home, it can get very distracting working in a comfortable space. Here is a checklist I do every time I know i’ll be working from home:

  1. Get up early. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should sleep in until 10 am and move at a leisurely pace. Get up early and start your day like you would have to if you worked at an office.
  2. Setup a Routine. Once you get up, get ready, get dressed (staying in sweats all day is one way to MAJORLY kill productivity) and have a good breakfast! When you feel good, you’ll do good!
  3. Work Station 101. As much as I love the comfort of my bed and couch, it’s the last place I want to work if I want to be productive. Set yourself up at your desk or dining room table along with a comfortable chair. No matter where you set up shop, just make sure you aren’t slouching, it’s a big enough space to spread your work out, and has lots of natural light. Natural light is great for keeping you awake, focused and on track.
  4. Make a list. Once you’ve got your work station all set up, before you start any work, MAKE. A. LIST! I am such a lover of lists and before I do anything, grocery shopping, cleaning, working, etc. I make a list. It is scientifically proven that making lists and crossing things off make you more productive. I tend to make very “broken down” lists. So instead of putting “clean bedroom” I break it down to “make the bed”, “hang up clothes”, “vacuum”, etc. The same should go for work, especially if you’re working on a bigger project.
  5. Take a break. We all know we check our phones 48,926 times a day but do make sure you get up from your desk and move around. Do make sure you take a break for lunch and drink lots of water! You need fuel in order to be productive!
  6. Have Background Noise. Now, this may not be for everyone, maybe you can work in complete silence, but having some type of static noise, TV, or music playing quietly will help you stay on track. Depending on what I’m working on, depends on the noise I have going. If I’m editing photos, I love to have my headphones in and jam out to Pandora, specifically the 2000s Hip-hop & Rap station. If I am writing a blog or editing a video, I have to have either complete silence or the TV at a very low volume.

So that is it! I hope you all enjoyed my cute little office space + some simple, yet effective, tips on how to be productive while working from home! If you have any questions about pieces or things I didn’t link, leave me a comment!

Talk to y’all soon,

A huge thank you, as always, to the amazing Olivia from Liv In The Moment Photography for capturing my office. Check out her Instagram here!

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