Stepping Out of Comfort | Sea New York Ethno Dress

Have you ever looked at something online or on the rack and said to yourself “There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’d ever wear that!” Yeah, I’ve done that more than I’m proud to admit. I think we all get so comfortable wearing the same things over and over again that when we do step out of our comfort zones, we freak out. But why? It’s clothing. At the end of the day, it comes off. Today I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I have learned over the years about stepping out of your comfort zone and upping your style game!

The Pep Talk

Yes, it is totally okay to give yourself some encouragement when you think you cannot do something, including step out of your style comfort zone. Whenever I am out looking for something specific or just shopping to shop, I always tell myself to keep an open mind; to not just look for the brands that I would normally gravitate to, but look at everything.

One of the best places to do this is Forever21. Their clothing can be so out of this world, but exactly what you need to get out of the bubble. I’ll go into depth more of great places to shop at later on.

Know Your Body

I am all for dressing how you want. If you want to rock a crop top, red leather pants and leopard mules, you do you, Glen Coco. But I am also for knowing your shape and knowing what is appropriate. So many times when women do step out of their bubble they show off alllll their goods. Ladies, please do not do this! Cover your bum, yeah show a little cleavage, but don’t give it all away. If you feel physically uncomfortable in something, you’re never going to feel confident in it. Know your curves, know your body, and play up your features!

Be Bold on Top or Bottom

If you are just starting to get the hang of this, take it one piece at a time. Whether it’s pairing a bold top with your jeans and booties, or rocking a bold bottom, such as a printed pant or sequin skirt with a simple tee, just pick one. Another easy way is to have a very basic outfit, such as jeans and a tee, and accessorize! Accessorize with a hat, earrings, a bold statement coat, or even a bold lip! When you work things in little by little, they’ll soon become more natural and you’ll be able to incorporate even more bold pieces at a time.

Try New Textures

Textures may be some of the best ways to get out of your zone because with texture comes colors and prints! Look for plaids that are different color combinations than you normally see, style a bold wool sweater with a fun print on it, a beautiful tweed blazer, or a colorful leather jacket! Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are my suede moto jacket that is bright cobalt blue and my rose faux fur vest! When I bought them I didn’t know how much I would wear them + how versatile they would be, and today they are some of my most worn pieces! Remember the rule above though, pick a top or bottom for the time being!

It Comes Off

The reason behind this blog post was the dress photographed above. I was on Rent The Runway getting ready to order my next shipment and I saw this dress. A wool material and plaid print base with satin sleeves and ruffles galore. There was a built-in curve to the dress and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. I said to myself “I am just not sure I am bold enough to wear something so ‘out there'”. But then it hit me… IT IS A DANG DRESS! If I get it, it doesn’t fit my body shape, it’s too short, it itches, or I don’t feel confident in it, then it comes off! Simple as that!

When you are out shopping and see something you on the rack that you’re unsure of, grab it and try it on! I cannot stress how much of a friend the dressing room is to women! Growing up I HATED trying on clothes and when I would get home it would have the hassle of trying it all on, hating it, and having to return it. Go into the dressing room, try it on, see how it looks and feels and then you can determine if it’s worthy of buying.

My Go-To’s

Like I stated above, Forever 21 is one of my “go-to” stops for when I am looking for pieces that are a little “out there”. They always have bold prints, unique color combinations, and styles I would never gravitate towards. I also LOVE H&M! H&M is great because they have more “chic” pieces that aren’t so colorful, but lean more towards working textures into their clothing + their super affordable and offer “high street” styles and pricing!

This shouldn’t be a shocker, but Rent The Runway is a FABULOUS subscription service if you’re wanting to try new styles. You rent, but wear, you return. It’s so simple, I’m mad I didn’t come up with the concept myself! I’ve tried so many different styles through them and actually bought quite a bit at their discounted rates because I have fallen in love with them! Lastly, I love SheIn! SheIn is an online store that is VERY affordable! They have boho, edgy, punk, preppy, and so many styles, it’s a fashionista heaven! If you are looking for a more “trendy” pieces, look to SheIn because it’s very affordable and I always hate spending an arm and a leg on trendy pieces when you can invest in your basics!

I hope this gives you the courage to try something you’ve never tried before and become the fabulous fashionista you were born to be!

Talk to y’all soon,