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Strength & Sunshine | How To Get Through Tough Days


Happy Thursday, babes! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take today’s blog post. A few weekends ago Mama C and I went to Kapnick’s Apple Orchard in Britton, MI and from just looking at the photos in my view finder, they were some of the most beautiful photos we’ve taken to date! The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, Mama C and I laughed out butts off, and just had the best afternoon picking apples.

Now the difference between that day and today are huge. Today was a day where everything was going wrong, I was swamped at work, things were getting changed with the drop of a hat, I felt sick to my stomach, and it was overall a very frustrating day. When I got home I was in a bad mood, I didn’t want to finish editing these photos and post this blog; I just wanted to sleep.

But then that got me thinking as I put my bags down and sat on the couch “Why? Why Al do you want to sulk and pout about things that are now out of your control? The day is over, tomorrow is a fresh start. Just keep pushing along.”

So then I thought, we all have bad days, but it’s how we handle them and pick ourselves back up that truly define us. Today I just wanted to share some ways I pick myself back up during the work day or when I get home to keep pushing until it’s time to sleep.

  1. I remove myself from the situation. I am really lucky at work because I spend a lot of time in our “photo room”. I’m constantly creating at work, especially photographing products, and on days when I just need to take a moment and remove myself from whatever is stressing me out, I got in there for 5 minutes and just breathe.  I figure that if I remove myself for 5 minutes to recenter myself, it’s better than sitting at my desk upset and not being able to do anything for the rest of the day. So go for a walk, go into an empty conference room, or even got sit in your car for a moment, but just get away from what is stressing you out.
  2. I grab a snack. Food fixes everything! It’s not called comfort food for no reason. Whether it’s fruit, for the healthy side of me, or chocolate, for the extra stressed side of me (aka today), grabbing a snack and refueling your body will help you destress. Make sure you balance your snacks out though. As much as I love a good candy bar, I’m finding when I grab for pretzels or grapes, it does the trick too!
  3. Write it down. I recently did an interview where they asked me what my life motto was. My answer was, “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” Y’all, this is so true. Even though good things may happen throughout our crappy day, they are always overshadowed by the bad things. So take a moment whenever you feel like you’re going to break from stress and write down 3-5 good things that happened to you that day. For me:
    1. My best friend reminded me we are going to see Bohemian Rhapsody tomorrow, which I had forgotten about because of my bad mood.
    2. My beautiful new purse was delivered and I was so busy at work today, I didn’t get to see the “packed delivered” text I received earlier. So when I got home, I had a nice little surprise waiting for me!
    3. If you didn’t know this about me, I am a HUGE Family Feud addict and I watch 3 episodes every night. Well, tonight’s episodes have me dying of laughter and I’m happy that even with the stressful day I’ve had, I can still find laughter in the simplest things.
    4. Lastly, even with my stressful day, I’m proud of myself for not quitting on the project, standing strong, getting shit done, and leaving the office knowing I kicked ass and did the damn thing.
  4. Werk out! While working out can be a huge pain in the butt, there truly is nothing better than breaking a sweat after a long and stressful day! In college, I would get done with my days around 10 pm and I would head straight to the gym and just run to let go of all the built up stress. I would leave there with the weights lifted off my shoulders, lighter thoughts running through my mind, and feeling good that I just worked out. Even if you go and walk around your neighborhood or go lift weights at the gym, get out, be active and listen to music or a podcast. Trust me, it will work wonders.

I hope you all find the strength to keep moving. Life is tough, I know. But the sun is always going to rise, and you’ve already survived 100% of your toughest days!

I love you all & I’ll talk to you soon,

Outfit details:

Cape: BB Dakota from a FabFitFun Box
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstars
Turtleneck: Zara
Boots: Hunter Rain Boots in Navy
Belt: Gucci (from Amazon)
Purse: Chanel
Lipstick: Amorous & Dark Side mixed