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Y’ALL! HI! It’s been a moment since I’ve sat down to write an actual blog post. For that, I am so sorry. With work, my health, and life in general, my blog got really put on the backburner. But I am here today to share with y’all a blog post you have been BEGGING for the last couple weeks.

In late September, Something Navy by Arielle Charnas launched her very own line at Nordstrom. I found out about this MONTHS ago and felt like I counted down the days until the launch. The fall season before, Arielle launched a capsule collection with Treasure & Bond at Nordstrom and I flocked to that collection the same as I did this one. While this was going to be her own collection, she referenced the T&B collection fit quite a bit, so I knew what to expect when buying online.

The day finally came and I had a dang doctors appointment RIGHT at 9 am! I am 100% honest when I say this- I made my doctor wait 10 minutes while I added things to my cart and checked out! LOL! Can we say the dedication is real?!

Arielle described her line as “elevated basics,” and with that, I instantly knew I was going to need one of everything. They were basic, high quality, and with a pattern thrown in every couple of pieces. I can honestly say that the look of this line was a dream come true. But what about the wear?

Y’all, all I can say is UGH! Have you ever wanted to LOVE something so bad and it be a total disappointment?! That is how I felt about the line. While I bought some AMAZING pieces, the sweaters were not one of them. Photographed, they’re stunning. Wearing them, not so much. The sleeves on her sweaters were FAR too big, even while sizing down, they kept sliding down, and I had to push them up constantly. While it may not seem like that big of an issue, when you wear clothing, you want them to be effortless and low maintenance. Her sweaters were the exact opposite.

Now another piece that I am wearing that I have been LIVING in are her cigarette cut jeans. I have been wanting the same pair from Levi’s for months, but never took the plunge due to the price tag. Even though the Something Navy jeans were the same price, since they were a limited edition piece, (Arielle said they would never be restocking the pieces from this collection), I felt better buying the SN ones. These jeans are fantastic quality, the color is great to wear all year round, and the high-waisted cut is so flattering. These bad boys are still available and I would 100% recommend snagging a pair!

I purchased this sweater in both beige and pink in a size medium (pink went back since I already wore beige), and I wish I could size down about 2 more sizes so the sweater fit better. I kid you not, I think an XS would have fit me better, which is CRAZY because I am 5’10 and 170lbs.

I cannot wait to share more from her collection with you + my thoughts! So many pieces from her September launch are still available, and she will be launching two more collections in November and December! Stay tuned for my thoughts on those 😉

Check out the Something Navy collection at

I’ve linked my entire look here for you to shop!


Talk to y’all soon,