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Happy Fri-yay & #FashionFriday, beauties! We haven’t had a Fashion Friday in a couple weeks, so I thought this post would be a little extra special with something I got to cross off my bucket list last weekend! I got to go to Tulip Time Festival in Holland, MI and visit all the amazing Tulip & Flower farms! I gotta tell you, I’m a pretty simple chick and nothing made me happier than colorful buildings and being surrounded by flowers all weekend! Holland is by far one of my favorite cities in the Mitten and from the pictures above you can see why!

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people come from all over the Midwest to see these amazing tulip farms that are being grown all year long for the festival. The town is covered in tulips, there is a huge parade, tons of food and carnivals going on; it’s just an awesome time and activity to attend!

But even though it was beautiful, with the time we went, which was the ending weekend, a lot of the tulips had died or been broke due to the amount of people who has seen and touched them, so if you do ever go to, try and go the week before the festival, or the opening weekend! And be prepared for the crowds. I had never seen so many people. Like Time Square was less packed than this festival.

Another little tip was be prepared to pay. It was $10 for every farm we went into, and it was $10-15 for every attraction. But know that you get to see more than just tulips at these farms. One had buffalo, lilac bushes for miles (by far my favorite flower, as well as my Mamas) and tons of little stores you could go in and shop! So you get your money’s worth!

Probably one of my favorite things that I saw that weekend was the wooden shoes. So Holland is extremely Dutch country, and they still make, and wear, wooden clogs! I think that is so cool and I saw some pairs that were decorated beautifully beyond words! They had stations where you could get them customized with hand paintings, or even get them engraved with your name! But you better layer up on socks, because they are 100% wood and your feet are going to bark after wearing them for 10 minutes and slivers! OUCH!

I knew the weather for the festival was going to be a mix of emotions. Typical Michigan. I wanted to wear something comfortable, fashionable, colorful, yet light for when it got a little warmer. And y’all my Victoria Beckham x Target orange romper was the PERFECT piece! I got so many compliments on it that day and felt great in it! I did wear wedges for some of the pictures we took and places we visited, but when it came to the fields I switched over into the cutest flats from Target. They have the cutest details on them, INCLUDING LIL POMS! I’ve linked my entire outfit down below for y’all!

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Oh, and to add to the whole excitement of crossing something off my bucket list, I posted a photo on Instagram featuring this outfit and TARGET PUT IT ON THEIR WEBSITE, Y’ALL! LIKE TARGET. THE TARGET. I was in complete and utter shock. They had reached out to me asking for permission to “potentially” use the shot, but never in a million years did I actually think they would use it! If you want to see it on their #AwesomeShop, click this link:

So I really want to take a moment and thank y’all for making this happen. If it wasn’t for you, liking, commenting, and just engaging in my medias, things like this would never happen. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

What are some things on your bucket list?! Let me know & I’ll talk to y’all soon,