Love for Linen | #WorkWearWednesday

Hey y’all! Another #WorkWearWednesday is here and we are talking about how to dress fun, yet appropriate for the summer months while in the office! No one wants to be covered up and sweating like a pig, yet you can be showing all your goods to your co-workers! So where is the balance? It’s linen.


Current Makeup Favorites

  Hey y’all! So recently I’ve been getting back in my love for makeup. If you didn’t know, I started my social media and influencer journey on YouTube doing makeup tutorials and as of lately I’ve been adding new and different products into my routine! So I thought I’d do a quick little blog post… Read More Current Makeup Favorites


Pink (Boss) Lady

Hi y’all! Today I am introducing a new series to my blog; Work Wear Wednesday + sharing some fun work news of my own, but you’ll have to read until the end to find that out! So I run this series on my companies IG page, and I find a lot of followers love it!… Read More Pink (Boss) Lady